Beard Oil Review – Milkman

Beard Oil Review – Milkman

Hey Guys,

The video above is my review of the Milkman ‘Pole Position’ beard oil.

Let me just start with saying this, this product is by far my favorite beard care product. Everything from the scent, to the applicator, this is a great product.

This product is an Australian, and is a finely crafted, quality product. All natural and completely addicting!!!

From the moment I opened the bottle, I fell in love with this stuff. The ‘Pole Position’ scent features exotic herbs & tobacco. (not cigarette smells, but the real scent) I love the dropper applicator. Other beard oil brands have a droplet nibble on the bottle, which makes it super easy to give yourself too much or even too little. This product’s dropper gives you the perfect amount every time.

The thing that I noticed the most, and what made me the most satisfied, was how the scent of the oil stuck with me ALL DAY. Other oils tend to loose there scent within the first couple hours, not this guys.

Overall I would rate this product 10/10! By far my favorite beard care product. Check them out at one of the links BELOW!

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