How to Wash a Beard


A common topic I get asked about is “how to wash a beard”. This is a very important topic as the health of your beard and mustache depend upon it. There are a couple of things right off the bat that you should stay away. You should not use shampoo on your face and beard. Shampoo is formulated for cleaning your scalp and hair. It is too rough and drying to be used on your face.

The second thing you should stay away from is washing your beard too often. Unless you work in an industry where you come home extremely dirty you do not need to be washing your beard daily. Simply using water is much better than over washing with product.

I have developed and formulated my own premium beard wash that is specifically formulated to be used on your face and beard. It is 100% all natural and doesn’t contain any detergents or chemicals that are found in traditional shampoo and conditioners.

If you have a short beard you can wash your beard over the sink. For a longer beard I recommend washing it in the shower. After washing use a towel to dry it off. Avoid using a hair dryer as intense heat is not healthy for your beard. Apply the Beard Baron premium beard oil to condition your beard for best results.

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