Beard Oil Review: Grunt Man’s Essentials

In this video I review Grunt Man’s Essentials’ beard oils and beard balms. All of the products I tried, 6 in total, were absolutely fantastic. Grunt Man’s Essentials is a veteran-owned business by two former marines in North Carolina. The two of them went into business after long careers in the United States Marine Corps and were finally able to grow out their beards. After trying several of the beard care products out there (and not finding what they hoped) they had the idea to make their own.

With high quality carrier oils like Jojoba oil and Argon oil, this beard oil not only conditions your hair, but make the hair itself much healthier. Their scents are very different, as well. Right now it’s pretty popular to have woodsy or lumber scented beard oil, but the guys over at Grunt Man’s have championed a much superior scent similar to popular men’s fragrances. This makes putting on your beard oil almost replace cologne, especially since their sent sticks with you.

Another huge plus of these products was the price. For only a piece, this was bar far the highest quality beard oil, for the price, that I have ever purchased.

I love these products, making them on of my all-time favorites. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Score: 9/10

Check them out at the links below:

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