Best Beard Grooming Kit – Detroit Beard Co.

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I just got this beard grooming kit through the mail from the Detroit Beard Grooming Company. It comes complete with five different beard oils and this really nice stainless steel comb. I’ve been needing a new comb and I’ve been dying to experiment with some new beard oils. Let’s crack this thing open and see what’s inside. The kit comes inside this nicely sealed tin with the windows so that you can see exactly what’s on the inside. Many of the versions that I’ve seen online had a one ounce flask vial inside instead of all these half an ounce of vials but this particular one that I got, they’re all half an ounce vials and they seem to fit well.

I gave each of these beard oils to my wife to see whether or not she liked them. She has a really good nose for scents, so she can pick out things that I can’t. Plus I think it’ll be useful if buyers understand what these beard oils are going to smell like once you applied them. My wife describe Orchard Lake as smelling rather citrusy. She mentioned lemons specifically but it’s the orange essential oil that’s in this beard oil that she detected.

I then gave her Cedar Springs and she said, “Smells kind of woodsy?” What she was smelling there is the cedar wood essential oil. This is a very woodsy smelling oil. Then she tried Cork Town and this was a little bit more complicated. She said it smelled like vanilla, it smelled kind of sweet and it also smelled woodsy and that’s because it’s got cedar woods in it just like the Cedar Springs. It does have vanilla and then it also has tobacco premium fragrance inside.

That’s the sweetness that she detected. This has become one of my favorite oils as you all know because I like smoking cigars. So Cork Town is my personal favorite. When she tried Mackinac, she said that it smelled like the inside of a peppermint patty and that’s because this one has cedar wood but it also has peppermint essential oil and it’s pretty strong. She said she really enjoyed it. Finally she tried Downtown and she said this was the most complicated one for her and she really couldn’t place it and I pressed her and I said, “Well if you have to pick something, how would you describe it?” And she kind of shrugged then said, “Smells kind of like tea?” And that’s because I don’t believe this has a very strong essential oil in it.

It has a lot of the carrier oils that all of the other ones had including wheat germ, sunflower, avocado, apricot, sweet almond and vitamin E oil. So this Downtown beard oil is going to be fairly neutral. It doesn’t have an overwhelming scent and it’s going to be useful for those who are mainly interested in the conditioning agents within beard oil and are not looking for a scent. For the longest time, I’ve been using this beard comb that’s made out of ox horn and for those who know my alternate identity you’re going to know why I like it so well but as you can see it’s really fragile. Animal horn is fragile for making combs out of, even though it is a traditional material.

As you can see I’ve already lost a few teeth out of this one from dropping it and that’s the benefit to using a stainless steel beard comb like this one that the Detroit Grooming Company has created. This particular one is not credit card sized, it’s a fully fledged comb and it also comes fully equipped with a bottle opener which of course is important for the Bohemian bearded man on the go. It has a little hole in the top left hand corner which I’m assuming is for a key ring but this comb is so large that I can’t imagine anyone using it on their keys. Overall I think it’s a great beard kit. It comes with five different vials of beard oil for you to experiment with. So you’ve never used a beard oil before and you kind of want to test some out to see what flavors and scents work best for you this is a good one to start with and the comb that comes with it is excellent, it’s going to last a very long time.

I’ve all ready started using it and like it much better than the previous one I had. Plus you can do neat tricks with it like this. That’s right, I’m developing a new trend ladies and gentleman. You’ve heard of the Afro pick, now you’ve seen the beard pick.

Thanks for watching.

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