How to Grow a Beard Successfully

A question that I receive a lot of is how to grow a beard? It’s not that hard to do but so many men struggle with growing a beard. In this video I go over some pitfalls and reasons why men shave off their beards without discovering their true potential.

The key is to get to at least the 3-4 month mark to see what your beard is all about. The hardest part of getting there is overcoming obstacles such as social pressure and being self conscious. Most beards don’t live past the 1st month. Sad I know.

So what is a man to do who has the need to be bearded? I always tell people early in their beard journey to keep their cheek line and neck line tidy. This will help keep some of those “homeless”, “lazy”, and “forgot to shave” comments at bay. Down the road you can always let those areas grow back out.

The problem with such comments is that they add up in your head. When you are having a weak moment in front of the mirror(which happens to all of us) those comments come to the forefront and you will be tempted to shave off your beard. Don’t give in!

One way to keep yourself from going down that path is to have a personal “beard policy”. A standard policy is for every month you’ve grown your beard is how many days you have to wait to decide to cut it or trim up. An even better one for newcomers is wait one day for every week you’ve grown your beard.

So here’s an example. You’ve been growing your beard for 8 weeks and one day while Beard gazing in the mirror you have a moment of weakness and want to cut it off. Well the personal beard policy says you now have to wait at least 2 days or 8 days(depending on your policy) before you cut it. Stick to a policy like this and you’ll be surprised to how many time you keep your beard. This has saved my beard numerous times.

Remember, we all have bad beard days but the key is to realize that it’s just that and not shave it off.

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