Where to Buy Beard Oil WARNING: 2 Things to Consider *before* buying from anyone!

Where to Buy Beard Oil WARNING: 2 Things to Consider *before* buying from anyone! for more info visit http://slambambalm.com

We wanted to take a moment to share some of these great videos that our customers have left us. Why are people ranting and raving about your beard oil you might ask?

Well it’s simple really, people love our balms and oils.
Notice I said people, because well it’s true. We’ve received so many emails from men saying things like, “She used to HATE my beard, but now she loves it with this SCENT!”

Things like that really make us feel great about what we’re doing.
We know there are several other places you can buy beard oils at but I think once you see the assortment of both scents as well as the quality of our product you won’t ever want to consider anyone else.

Instead you’re going to be too busy deciding which tin you’ll want to try next. After all the tin is half the fun. You can’t imagine how many emails we get daily from people just loving the art work and tin itself.

In fact we have several customers that collect the tins just because.

So, other than these sexy tins what are other reasons that our customers love our product?

For starters they love the stimulating yet intoxicating scent that both men and women love. In fact we get so many testimonials from customers that their other half finds their fresh new beard irresistible.

In addition to the great scent our balm is also made out of a 100% perfect combination of powerful essential oils and unlike any other beard products this won’t cause skin irritation, greasiness, oiliness or that grainy feeling that other beard balms usually leave in your beard.

Our quality is unbeatable and we go to extreme measures to make sure that our beard is made out of the best ingredients available. Our balm is 100% handmade and free from any kind of additives. It does not irritate the skin and is everything you’ve come to expect from a high quality product.

Finally and most importantly it conditions and controls rogue or coarse hairs and with regular use has the ability to repair dry and damaged split ends. In fact after you use this for a while your other half will love the soft touch of your beard.

If all this isn’t enough, for a limited time we have a coupon that we are offering available on Amazon.com. You will get over 55% off if you take advantage of this and buy now.

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