Best Smelling Beard Oil From Royal Beard Club There are a ton of great smelling beard oils out there. In this review video a Royal Beard Club beard of the week winner Tim goes over some of the beard care products he uses and received from Royal Beard Club and also mentions his favorite smelling oil.

I personally believe the scent of the oils is a personal preference but over at Royal Beard Club we can definitely see a huge Citrus fan club.

The Royal Pine also gets a ton of great reviews with its woodsy outdoor pine smell but we all know not everyone likes that woodsy smell so you might want to try the Royal Mint which in my opinion makes my beard smell like a candy cane.

Maintaining your beard is definitely a must if your growing it out in order to keep it soft, under control, clean and smelling fresh that is why different scented options are great.

Royal Beard Club also offers a non-scented premium oil blend called their Royal Blend. This is for anyone that is looking for a more natural and unscented oil to put on their face.

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