Beard Balm vs Beard Oil | What The Heck Is The Difference?

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Every expert beardsmen has one of the following: beard balm or beard oil.

However the differences between the two are pretty distinct.

In fact, beard balm has 4 core ingredients:

– Beeswax – to give it the styling and general holding abilities (this makes your beard look epic throughout the day)

– Butter – Not your typical butter you pick up at the grocery store! Instead, beard balm typically contains a shea or cocoa butter – this adds an extra layer of moisture on to your skin. Therefore if you are REALLY looking to soften up your beard or cure beardruff, this ingredient in beard balm is an awesome extra step.

– Carrier oil – Typically coming from jojoba, argan, grapeseed, sweet almond, etc – its going to provide all the noursihment and moisture to your beard, therefore will help ultimately soften your beard, along with preventing beardruff (beard dandruff), and split ends. This is the work horse ingredient.

– Essential oils – Give you an extra layer of benefits including some being a natural antiseptic (tea tree oil), or others helping increase the blood flow of your skin (peppermint oil). Essential oils primary role is to simply give scents to the product.

Beard oil just contains two primary ingredients:

Carrier and essential oils.

Beard oil in general comprises of about 99% carrier oil and about 1% essential oil.

When deciding between the two products, its largely going to be down to personal preference to you – the beardsmen.

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