How to Kiss with a Beard | Eric Bandholz

Take Care of Your Beard:

How do you get to kissin’ with an epic beard in the way? Have no fear, Bandholz is here – and today he’s got the scoop on how to lock lips with a beard.

You’ve probably read things about how “women don’t want to kiss a guy with a beard.” Don’t take it to heart – Everyone is different and everyone likes different things, not everyone feels the same way about beards.

The first approach is more for a quick peck – just go for it, and mash the stache. The second approach is more for the slightly more passionate kiss, and involves lifting the mustache. The third, and Eric’s personal recommendation, is what he calls the “Pucker and Down” which involves puckering your lips for the kiss, and moving your mouth downward to meet your partner’s lips, thus laying and lifting the mustache against their face.

Good luck out there, gentlemen, and beard (and kiss) on!

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