How To: Make Your Own Peppermint Beard Oil | The Beardnecessities | Ep.6 |

A recent study found that a 3% Peppermint oil solution, promoted hair growth in a similar way to minoxidil. (see the link at the bottom of the description to my video regarding the study)

In this episode I show you how to make your own 5% Peppermint Beard Oil using “JoJoba Oil” as your carrier oil.

It is always recommended that you dilute your peppermint in a carrier oil as essential oils applied directly to the skin can cause burns and potentially damage your follicles.

I use Jojoba oil as it is the closest natural oil to our skins natural oils. you can use any oil you like but avoid those with DHT blockers as described in the video

use the measurements below to calculate your mix and how many drops of the oil you will need to add.

1floz = 30ml.

Based on per 100ml

1% mixture = 1 drop per 5ml = 20 drops per 100ml
2% mixture = 2 drops per 5ml = 40 drops per 100ml
3% mixture = 3 drops per 5ml = 60 drops per 100ml
4% mixture = 4 drops per 5ml = 80 drops per 100ml
5% mixture = 5 drops per 5ml = 100 drops per 100ml (1 drop per 1 ml)

RE: my video regarding peppermint study:

News flash beware beard powder scam:

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