Grow a Beard in High School | Clayton Cook

Take Care of Your Beard:

This one is for you young beardsmen out there. Clayton is talking high school beards and the concern a lot of young guys have about their beards and why they aren’t fully developed by their teens.

Part of your beard growth is genetic, and part of it is hormones. Be patient, young beardsmen! As guys, we often times don’t see our beards fully develop and mature until our early to mid 20’s. Clayton says that during his high school career, his beard was more sparse and he didn’t grow his first beard until his early 20’s.

If you want to optimize your beard growth, look into vitamins like biotin that can help your hair (and skin) grow healthy, and maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Also take a look at your family tree – if your uncles and father and extended family have decent beards, there’s a good chance your beard will come in nicely as you get older as well.

Bottom line – embrace what you have and rock it with confidence, and just be patient!

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