Pine Scented Beard Oil By Royal Beard Club

Aj is the founder of Royal Beard Club discusses their Royal Pine Scented Beard Oil this woodsy, outdoor scented beard conditioner is made of nothing but natural and organic quality oil blends.

If you like that outdoor, smack in the face fresh pine smell then you will love this incredible scent. Definitely my favorite of them all and another fan favorite. This is blended off of our original Royal Blend which consist mainly of 100% Argan Oil and JoJoba oil. We do use other carrier oils in some of our blends including almond oil, grapes oil and coconut oil.

This is a non greasy refreshing outdoorsy cedar wood and christmas tree aroma. I really take pride in this scent because it came out exactly how I wanted it and even better. Im a huge outdoors fan. Not everyone will love this and that is why there are other choices because scents are definitely a preference and we all have our on opinions and certain aromas that we are geared towards.

Beard oils are great when your not only growing a beard from the start to help hydrate and eliminate the itchy beard but also to help maintain and soften larger and thicker beards as well. Thanks to all our our followers and supporters you all really mean a lot to me and the Royal Beard Club team.

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