Dealing With Bad Beard Days | Beardbrand

Take Care of Your Beard:

Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that focuses on beard care. We are changing the way to society views beardsmen by shifting beards to a more neutral to positive connotation. We post new videos every Thursday and would love your subscription. Beard on!

Throughout your journey of growing a beard you’ll find days where your beard just doesn’t look good, or you aren’t happy with it. We call those, bad beard days and they happen to all guys. The biggest mistake you can make when dealing with a bad beard is to trim or shave it while in that mood. The best rule of thumb is to wait a day for every month you have grown a beard before you trim or shave it off.

If you do end up shaving off your beard, the best thing is that it always grows back and you’ll be at your epic beard in no time.


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