The Beard Legacy Beard Oil & Beard Brush Product Review

Hey guys today were doing a review of an Amazon product called The Beard Legacy. It’s a beard oil which comes with a beard comb, there’s also a different package from the same company which includes a beard brush instead of a comb.

If you try to grow a beard but quickly get frustrated with the itchiness growing a beard tends to bring on this product is for you. Now my beard in this video probably doesn’t look that long. I realize some people could grow that in like 3 days but for me this is like 6 weeks worth of growth.

Typically after about a week or two I get itchy and my beard drives me crazy and I shave with. With this beard oil in combination with a beard brush it keeps my beard and my skin healthy and moisturized and it doesn’t itch.

The oil is basically a mix of argon oil and jojoba oil which most face oils are. It’s a similar mixture to the Crude Brand of oil very popular on social media with women these days but this is designed for me.

It’s scent free so doesn’t smell like anything and it doesn’t take much of this oil to put in your beard so even this one ounce bottle will probably last almost two months with daily use.

The Beard Legacy Beard Oil

I linked to the beard oil above. Though you can add on a beard brush for just like and get the package with a brush for about , the brush I have is actually a different brand called the Beard Battler. If you’re interested in checking that one out I’ll link to it below. It’s about .

The Beard Battler

I actually received all these products completely FREE in return for leaving an honest review. If you’d like to learn how to do the same and get tons of free products checkout the link below.

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