How To Grow A Beard The Right Way? AJ Macaluso founder of Royal Beard Club talks about how to grow a beard the right way.

How To Grow A Beard

First thing is first and that is do not touch your beard. I like to say use the 12 month rule and that is do not touch your beard for 12 months just let it grow and see how it comes in. Genetics play a huge part and ofcourse age. Lets face it if your 14 years old and looking to grow a beard most likely if you do not have any peach fuzz even growing there is no miracle solution that will make you grow a beard. If your a little older and you notice patchiness I say give it some more time to grow and see really where the patches are. See if it starts to fill in over some time. Do not trim it. So many guys make the mistake of trimming it way to early like 6 weeks or even 3 months. Use beard care products and take vitamins daily over the next 3-6 months. Again genetics do play a part and some men get beards and facial hair earlier in life and some have thicker black beard or thick blonde beards and some have thinner beards its just your genetics.

But I understand with the crazy beard trend going on a ton of people reach out to me asking many beard questions and although there is no miracle product or solution I believe give it time and take care of your beard with beard oils, balms and take a multi vitamin and see how it goes.

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